Part # MAX3874 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX3874 DS

Part Details:

19-2710; Rev 4; 7/06 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE 2.488Gbps/2.667Gbps Clock and Data Recovery with Limiting Amplifier MAX3874 General Description Features The MAX3874 is a compact, dual-rate clock and data 2.488Gbps and 2.667Gbps Input Data Rates recovery with limiting amplifier for OC-48 and OC-48 Reference Clock Not Required for Data with FEC SONET/SDH applications. Without using an Acquisition external reference clock, the fully integrated phase-locked loop (PLL) recovers a synchronous clock signal Exceeds ANSI, ITU, and Bellcore SONET/SDH from the serial NRZ data input. The input data is then Jitter Specifications retimed by this recovered clock, providing a clean data 2.7mUIRMS Clock Jitter Generation output. An additional serial input (SLBI±) is available for 10mVP-P Input Sensitivity Without Threshold system-loopback diagnostic testing. Alternatively, this Adjust input can be connected to a reference clock to maintaina valid clock output in the absence of data transitions. 0.65UIP-P High-Frequency Jitter Tolerance The device also includes a loss-of-lock (LOL) output. ±170mV Wide Input Threshold Adjust Range The MAX3874 contains a vertical threshold control to Clock Holdover Capability Using Frequency- compensate for optical noise due to EDFAs in DWDM Selectable Reference Clock transmission systems. The recovered data and clock Serial Loopback Input Available for System outputs are CML with on-chip 50 back termination on Diagnostic Testing each line. Its jitter performance exceeds all SONET/SDH specifications. The MAX3874A is the MAX3874 Loss-of-Lock (LOL) Indicator with a voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) centered at Small 5mm 5mm 32-Pin QFN Package 2.0212GHz. The MAX3874 operates from a single +3.3V supply andtypically consumes 580mW. It is available in a 5mm Ordering Information 5mm 32-pin QFN with exposed pad package and oper-ates over the -40°C to +85°C temperature range. PIN- PK G PART TEMP RANGE PACKAGE CODE Applications MAX3874EGJ - 40°C to + 85°C 32 QFN G3255-1

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