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ST Microelectronics


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TA256 TECHNICAL ARTICLE µPSD3200 Family Overtakes Today s Flash8-bit Microcontrollers in Memory Density,Programmable Logic, and More Mark Rootz, ST went further and equipped this new series with Programmable System Memory Division additional on-chip peripheral interfaces and func- STMicroelectronics, tions: San Jose, United States · I2C and USB 1.1 interfaces· Five 8-bit PWM channels· Two UART channels· Four 8-bit ADC channels STMicroelectronics has been producing the inno- · Up to 50 general-purpose I/O pins vative Flash Programmable System Devices (also · Three 16-bit timers and two external interrupts called Flash PSDs) for some time now. PSDs, provided by the 8032 core from the PSD8xx and PSD9xx families, integrate · Supervisory functions such as a watchdog dual banks of Flash memory, SRAM, programma- timer and low-voltage detect. ble logic (PLD), and JTAG In-SystemProgramming (ISP) into a single chip. They can There are 80-pin TQFP versions, which allow be paired with one of hundreds of different 8-bit connection of the 8032-address/data bus to exter- and 16-bit ROMless microcontrollers for a two- nal parallel peripherals, and 52-pin TQFP chip solution. ST has taken the next step to inte- versions without this bus access. Both 5.0V and grate a microcontroller core into the Flash PSD 3.3V devices are available and all devices in the device itself, resulting in the new µPSD3200 family operate at industrial temperatures (-40°C to family. Now all the benefits of PSD architecture +85°C). are combined with a very capable 8051-compati-ble MCU core inside a single, secure, cost-effec- PSD architecture brings unique advantages to the tive package. There is no other 8-bit MCU on the µPSD3200 family over competing Flash 8-bit Obsolete Product(s) - Obsolete Product(s) market today with this combination of memory MCUs: density and features. · The largest SRAM and Flash memory capacity The µPSD3200 family is split into two subfamilies, on the market the µPSD323x and the µPSD325x, which · Dual Flash memory arrays combine a 40MHz 8032 MCU core with PSD · Flexible memory management architecture. They include up to 288 KBytes of · On-chip general purpose programmable logic Flash memory, up to 32 KBytes of SRAM, a 16- (Flash-based PLD) macrocell Flash-based PLD, and JTAG ISP. But

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