Part # ADSP-BF522 ADBF523 ADBF524 ADBF525 ADBF526 ADBF527 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: ADSP-BF52x Blackfin Embedded Processor Data Sheet (Rev. 0)

Part Details:

Blackfin Embedded Processor ADSP-BF522/ADSP-BF523/ADSP-BF524/ADSP-BF525/ADSP-BF526/ADSP-BF527 FEATURES PERIPHERALS Up to 600 MHz high performance Blackfin processor USB 2.0 high speed on-the-go (OTG) with Integrated PHY Two 16-bit MACs, two 40-bit ALUs, four 8-bit video ALUs, IEEE 802.3-compliant 10/100 Ethernet MAC 40-bit shifter Parallel peripheral interface (PPI), supporting ITU-R 656 RISC-like register and instruction model for ease of video data formats programming and compiler-friendly support Host DMA port (HOSTDP) Advanced debug, trace, and performance monitoring 2 dual-channel, full-duplex synchronous serial ports Accepts a wide range of supply voltages for internal and I/O (SPORTs), supporting eight stereo I2S channels operations. See Specifications on Page 27 12 peripheral DMAs, 2 mastered by the Ethernet MAC Programmable on-chip voltage regulator (ADSP-BF523/ 2 memory-to-memory DMAs with external request lines ADSP-BF525/ADSP-BF527 processors only) Event handler with 54 interrupt inputs 289-ball (12 mm x 12 mm) and 208-ball (17 mm x 17 mm) Serial peripheral interface (SPI) compatible port CSP_BGA packages 2 UARTs with IrDA support MEMORY 2-wire interface (TWI) controller 132K bytes of on-chip memory (See Table 1 on Page 3 for L1 Eight 32-bit timers/counters with PWM support and L3 memory size details) 32-bit up/down counter with rotary support External memory controller with glueless support for SDRAM Real-time clock (RTC) and watchdog timer and asynchronous 8-bit and 16-bit memories 32-bit core timer Flexible booting options from external flash, SPI, and TWI 48 general-purpose I/Os (GPIOs), with programmable memory or from host devices including SPI, TWI, and UART hysteresis Code security with Lockbox Secure Technology NAND flash controller (NFC) one-time-programmable (OTP) memory Debug/JTAG interface Memory management unit providing memory protection On-chip PLL capable of 0.5 to 64 frequency multiplication WATCHDOG TIMER OTP MEMORY RTC VOLTAGE REGULATOR* JTAG TEST AND EMULATION COUNTER

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