Part # MAX6638 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX6638 DS

Part Details:

19-3895; Rev 1; 1/06 Temperature Monitor with Dual Serial Interface MAX6638 General Description Features The MAX6638 thermal-management sensor includes Two Independent SMBus/I2C*-Compatible internal (local) and external (remote) digital temperature Interfaces with Collision Avoidance sensors and two independent SMBusTM serial ports. The High Accuracy remote temperature accuracy is ±1.0°C, and the local ±1.0°C from +85°C to +100°C (Remote) temperature accuracy is ±2°C. The MAX6638 also fea-tures extended temperature resolution data available in Remote and Local Temperature Measurements 0.125°C increments. Three Programmable Output Alarms: ALERT1, OVERT1 The MAX6638 provides three system alarms: channel 1 , and ALERT2 alert (ALERT1), overtemperature (OVERT1), and chan- Programmable Conversion Rates nel 2 alert (ALERT2) that contain programmable thresh- 11-Bit Low-Noise Integrating ADC olds set independently by each of the SMBus serialports (SMBus1 and SMBus2). Each alert output asserts No Calibration Required when any of four temperature conditions is violated: Autoscan Conversions local overtemperature, remote overtemperature, localundertemperature, or remote undertemperature. The Ordering Information overtemperature signal asserts when the temperaturerises above the value in the overtemperature limit regis- TEMP PIN- PKG ter. Use the OVERT1 output to activate a cooling fan or PART RANGE PACKAGE CODE trigger a system shutdown. 16 TQFN-EP* Each of the 2-wire serial-interface ports accepts stan- MAX6638ATE+ -40°C to +125°C T1644-4 (4mm x 4mm) dard System Management Bus (SMBus) write byte, read *EP = Exposed paddle. byte, send byte, and receive byte commands indepen- +Denotes lead-free package. dently of one another with total collision avoidance han-dled by the MAX6638. Each SMBus can operate its own Pin Configuration unique serial-data rate to access any register in theMAX6638 for data reads or data writes. The MAX6638manages all dual-port data register access functions TOP VIEW

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