Part # LM78L05 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM78LXX Series 3-Terminal Positive Regulators

Part Details:

LM78LXX April 2006 LM78LXX Series Series 3-Terminal Positive RegulatorsGeneral Description nal power dissipation. If internal power dissipation becomestoo high for the heat sinking provided, the thermal shutdown 3-T The LM78LXX series of three terminal positive regulators is circuit takes over preventing the IC from overheating. available with several fixed output voltages making them erminal useful in a wide range of applications. When used as a zener Features diode/resistor combination replacement, the LM78LXX usu-ally results in an effective output impedance improvement of n LM78L05 in micro SMD package two orders of magnitude, and lower quiescent current. These n Output voltage tolerances of ±5% over the temperature regulators can provide local on card regulation, eliminating range the distribution problems associated with single point regu- n Output current of 100mA Positive lation. The voltages available allow the LM78LXX to be used n Internal thermal overload protection in logic systems, instrumentation, HiFi, and other solid state n Output transistor safe area protection electronic equipment. n Internal short circuit current limit The LM78LXX is available in the plastic TO-92 (Z) package, n Available in plastic TO-92 and plastic SO-8 low profile the plastic SO-8 (M) package and a chip sized package packages (8-Bump micro SMD) using National s micro SMD package Regulators n No external components technology. With adequate heat sinking the regulator can n Output voltages of 5.0V, 6.2V, 8.2V, 9.0V, 12V, 15V deliver 100mA output current. Current limiting is included tolimit the peak output current to a safe value. Safe area n See AN-1112 for micro SMD considerations protection for the output transistors is provided to limit inter- Connection Diagrams SO-8 Plastic (M) (TO-92) (Narrow Body) Plastic Package (Z) 00774403 00774402 Bottom View Top View micro SMD Marking Orientation 8-Bump micro SMD 00774424 Top View (Bump Side Down) 00774433

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