Part # MAX9951-MAX9952 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX9951 DS

Part Details:

19-3247; Rev 3; 2/07 Dual Per-Pin Parametric Measurement Units MAX9951/MAX9952 General Description Features The MAX9951/MAX9952 dual parametric measurement Force Voltage/Measure Current (FVMI) units (PMUs) feature a small package size, wide force and Force Current/Measure Voltage (FIMV) measurement range, and high accuracy, making the Force Voltage/Measure Voltage (FVMV) devices ideal for automatic test equipment (ATE) and otherinstrumentation that requires a PMU per pin or per site. Force Current/Measure Current (FIMI) The MAX9951/MAX9952 force or measure voltages in the Force Nothing/Measure Voltage (FNMV) -2V to +7V through -7V to +13V ranges, dependent upon Force Nothing/Measure Current (FNMI, the supply voltage (VCC and VEE). The devices handle Range E Only) supply voltages of up to +30V (VCC to VEE) and a 20V Termination/Measure Current device-under-test (DUT) voltage swing at full current. The Termination/Measure Voltage MAX9951/MAX9952 also force or measure currents up to Five Programmable Current Ranges ±64mA with a lowest full-scale range of ±2µA. Integrated ±2µA support circuitry facilitates use of an external buffer ampli- ±20µA fier for current ranges greater than ±64mA. ±200µA A voltage proportional to the measured output voltage ±2mA or current is provided at the MSR_ output. Integrated ±64mA comparators, with externally set voltage thresholds, -2V to +7V Through -7V to +13V Input-Voltage provide detection for both voltage and current levels. Range The MSR_ and comparator outputs can be placed in a Force-Current/Measure-Current Adjustable- high-impedance state. Separate FORCE and SENSE Voltage Offset (IOS) connections are short-circuit protected for voltages Programmable Voltage Clamps at Force Output from (VEE - 0.3V) to (VCC + 0.3V). The FORCE outputalso features a low-leakage, high-impedance state. Low-Leakage, High-Impedance Measure, and Force States Integrated voltage clamps limit the force output to lev- 3-Wire Serial Interface els set externally. The force-current or the measure-cur-rent voltage can be offset -0.2V to +4.4V (IOS). This Low 6mA (max) Quiescent Current per PMU feature allows for the centering of the control or mea-sured signal within the external DAC or ADC range. Ordering Information

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