Part # LMH6738 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LMH6738 Very Wideband, Low Distortion Triple Op Amp

Part Details:

LMH6738 April 2006 LMH6738 Very Very Wideband, Low Distortion Triple Op Amp W General Description Features ideband, The LMH6738 is a very wideband, DC coupled monolithic n 750 MHz -3 dB small signal bandwidth (A = +1) V operational amplifier designed specifically for ultra high reso- n -85 dBc 3rd harmonic distortion (20 MHz) lution video systems as well as wide dynamic range systems n 2.3 nV/ Hz input noise voltage requiring exceptional signal fidelity. Benefiting from Nation- n 3300 V/µs slew rate al s current feedback architecture, the LMH6738 offers a n 33 mA supply current (11.3 mA per op amp) gain range of ±1 to ±10 while providing stable, operation n 90 mA linear output current without external compensation, even at unity gain. At a gain Low = 150) of +2 the LMH6738 supports ultra high resolution video n 0.02/0.01 Diff. Gain / Diff. Phase (RL systems with a 400 MHz 2 V ­3 dB Bandwidth. With 12-bit PP distortion levels through 30 MHz (R = 100), 2.3 nV/ Applications L Distortion Hz input referred noise, the LMH6738 is the ideal driver or n RGB video driver buffer for high speed flash A/D and D/A converters. Wide n High resolution projectors dynamic range systems such as radar and communication n Flash A/D driver receivers requiring a wideband amplifier offering exceptional n D/A transimpedance buffer signal purity will find the LMH6738 s low input referred noiseand low harmonic distortion make it an attractive solution. n Wide dynamic range IF amp n Radar/communication receivers T n DDS post-amps riple n Wideband inverting summer n Line driver Op Connection Diagram Amp

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LMH6738.pdf Datasheet