Part # MAX5621-MAX5623 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX5621 DS

Part Details:

19-2715; Rev 2; 1/06 16-Bit DACs with 16-Channel Sample-and-Hold Outputs MAX5621/MAX5622/MAX5623 General Description Features The MAX5621/MAX5622/MAX5623 are 16-bit digital-to- Integrated 16-Bit DAC and 16-Channel SHA with analog converters (DACs) with 16 sample-and-hold SRAM and Sequencer (SHA) outputs for applications where a high number of 16 Voltage Outputs programmable voltages are required. These devices 0.005% Output Linearity include a clock oscillator and a sequencer that updates 200µV Output Resolution the DAC with codes from an internal SRAM. No externalcomponents are required to set offset and gain. Flexible Output Voltage Range Remote Ground Sensing The MAX5621/MAX5622/MAX5623 feature a -4.5V to+9.2V output voltage range. Other features include a Fast Sequential Loading: 1.3µs per Register 200µV/step resolution, with output linearity error, typi- Burst and Immediate Mode Addressing cally 0.005% of full-scale range (FSR). The 100kHz No External Components Required for Setting refresh rate updates each SHA every 320µs, resulting Gain and Offset in negligible output droop. Remote ground sensing Integrated Output Clamp Diodes allows the outputs to be referenced to the local ground Three Output Impedance Options of a separate device. MAX5621 (50), MAX5622 (500), and These devices are controlled through a 20MHz MAX5623 (1k) SPITM/QSPITM/MICROWIRETM-compatible 3-wire serialinterface. Immediate update mode allows any channel s Ordering Information output to be updated within 20µs. Burst mode allows PART PIN-PACKAGE PKG CODE multiple values to be loaded into memory in a single,high-speed data burst. All channels are updated within MAX5621UCB 64 TQFP C64-8 330µs after data has been loaded. MAX5621UTK 68 Thin QFN-EP* T6800-3 Each device features an output clamp and output resis- MAX5622UCB 64 TQFP C64-8 tors for filtering. The MAX5621 features a 50 output MAX5622UTK 68 Thin QFN-EP*

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