Part # AD588 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD588 High Precision Voltage Reference Microcomputer Data Sheet (Rev. G)

Part Details:

High Precision Voltage Reference Microcomputer AD588 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM Low drift: 1.5 ppm/°C NOISE A3 OUT V REDUCTION HIGH A3 IN SENSE Low initial error: 1 mV 7 6 4 3 Pin programmable output +10 V, +5 V, ±5 V tracking, -5 V, -10 V A3 OUT A3 1 FORCE Flexible output force and sense terminals RB High impedance ground sense A1 A4 OUT 14 SOIC_W-16 and CERDIP-16 packages R1 R4 SENSE MIL-STD-883-compliant versions available A4 OUT R2 A4 15 FORCE GENERAL DESCRIPTION R5 The AD5881 represents a major advance in state-of-the-art R6 2 +V R3 S monolithic voltage references. Low initial error and low A2 AD588 16 ­VS temperature drift give the AD588 absolute accuracy performance previously not available in monolithic form. The AD588 uses a 5

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AD588.pdf Datasheet