Part # 1N5908 SM5908 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Transil™

Part Details:

1N5908 ® SM5908 TRANSILTM FEATURES UNIDIRECTIONAL TRANSIL DIODEPEAK PULSE POWER : 1500 W (10/1000µs)REVERSE STAND OFF VOLTAGE : 5 VLOW CLAMPING FACTORFAST RESPONSE TIMEUL RECOGNIZED DESCRIPTION The 1N5908 and SM5908 are dedicated to the 5 Vlogic circuit protection (TTL and CMOS technologies).Their low clamping voltage at high current level CB429 SMC guarantees excellent protection for sensitivecomponents. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Tamb = 25°C). Symbol Parameter Value Unit PPP Peak pulse power dissipation (see note1) Tj initial = Tamb 1500 W P Power dissipation on infinite heatsink Tamb = 75°C 5 W IFSM Non repetitive surge peak forward current tp = 10ms 200 A for unidirectional types Tj initial = Tamb Tstg Storage temperature range - 65 to + 175 °C Tj Maximum junction temperature 175 °C TL Maximum lead temperature for soldering CB429 230 °C during 10s (at 5mm from case for CB429) SMC 260 °C Note 1 : For a surge greater than the maximum values, the diode will fail in short-circuit. THERMAL RESISTANCES Symbol Parameter Value

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1N5908 SM5908.pdf Datasheet