Part # MAX9706-MAX9707 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX9706 DS

Part Details:

19-3681; Rev 0; 12/05 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE 3-Channel, 2.3W, Filterless Class D Amplifiers with Active Crossover MAX9706/MAX9707 General Description Features The MAX9706/MAX9707 combine three high-efficiency Triple Class D Amplifiers Deliver 3 x 2.3W into 4 Class D amplifiers with an active crossover to providestereo highpass outputs, and a mono lowpass output. Internal Active Crossover Filter with Adjustable All three channels deliver up to 2.3W at 1% THD+N per Crossover Frequency channel into 4 when operating from a 5V supply. Low-EMI, Spread-Spectrum Modulation An internal active filter processes the stereo inputs (left Low 0.02% THD+N and right) into stereo highpass and mono lowpass out-puts. The crossover frequency is pin-selectable to four High PSRR (71dB) different frequencies to accommodate a variety of DirectDrive Headphone Amplifier (MAX9706) speaker configurations. The internal Class D amplifiersfeature low-EMI, spread-spectrum outputs. No output Enhanced Click-and-Pop Suppression filters are required. Input and Output Modulator Synchronization The MAX9706 features Maxim s patented DirectDriveTMheadphone amplifier, providing ground-referenced Low-Power Shutdown Mode headphone outputs without the need for bulky DC-cou- Up To 90% Efficiency pling capacitors. The headphone outputs are capableof delivering 95mW per channel into 16 from a 3.3V Space-Saving (6mm x 6mm x 0.8mm) 36-Pin Thin supply, and are protected against ESD up to ±8kV. QFN Package The MAX9706/MAX9707 feature pin-programmablegain, synchronization inputs and outputs, and a shut- Ordering Information down mode that reduces supply current to less than1µA. All amplifiers feature click-and-pop suppression PART HP AMP PIN-PACKAGE PKG CODE circuitry. Both devices are fully specified over the -40°C MAX9706ETX+ Yes 36 Thin QFN T3666N-1 to +85°C extended temperature range and are avail- MAX9707ETX+ No 36 Thin QFN T3666N-1 able in the thermally enhanced 36-pin (6mm x 6mm x0.8mm) thin QFN package. +Denotes lead-free package. Applications Note: These devices operate over the -40°C to +85°C temper-ature range.

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