Part # TDA7417 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Car radio audio processor

Part Details:

TDA7417 Car radio audio processor Features Input Multiplexer ­ QD: quasi-differential stereo inputs­ FD: full-differential stereo inputs TQFP32 ­ Mono: Mono input Treble ­ SE1: stereo single-ended input ­ 2nd order frequency response ­ SE2: stereo single-ended input ­ center frequency programmable in 4 steps ­ In-Gain 0 to 15dB, 1dB step (10KHz/12.5KHz/15KHz/17.5KHz) ­ internal offset-cancellation (AutoZero) ­ -15 to 15dB with 1dB resolution IN/OUT control High pass ­ Selectable full-differential stereo inputs or ­ 2nd order frequency response Bass output ­ center frequency programmable in 3 steps Loudness (80Hz/120Hz/160Hz) ­ 2nd order frequency response Speaker ­ programmable center frequency ­ independent soft step speaker controls, (400Hz/800Hz/2400Hz) +15dB to -79dB with 1dB steps ­ 15dB with 1dB steps ­ Independent programmable mix input with ­ soft-step control with programmable blend 50% mixing ratio for front speakers times ­ direc t mute ­ selectable low & high frequency boost ­ multi-step control Volume Mute Functions ­ +15dB to -79dB with 1dB step resolution ­ digitally controlled SoftMute with 3 ­ soft-step control with programmable blend programmable mute-times times (0.48ms/0.96ms/123ms) ­ multi-step control Bass Description ­ 2nd order frequency response The TDA7417 is an high performance signal ­ center frequency programmable in 4 steps processor specifically designed for car radio (60Hz/80Hz/100Hz/200Hz) applications with fully integrated audio filters.

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TDA7417.pdf Datasheet