Part # AD9483 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD9483 Triple 8-Bit 140 MSPS A/D Converter Data Sheet (REV. C)

Part Details:

a Triple 8-Bit, 140 MSPS A/D Converter AD9483 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM 140 MSPS Guaranteed Conversion Rate100 MSPS Low Cost Version Available AD9483 330 MHz Analog Bandwidth R AIN 8 DRA7-0 1 V p-p Analog Input Range T/H QUANTIZER R AIN DRB7-0 Internal 2.5 V ReferenceDifferential or Single-Ended Clock Input G AIN 8 DGA7-0 T/H QUANTIZER 3.3 V/5.0 V Three-State CMOS Outputs G AIN DGB7-0 Single or Demultiplexed Output Ports B AIN D 8 BA7-0 Data Clock Output Provided T/H QUANTIZER B AIN DBB7-0 Low Power: 1.0 W Typical ENCODE 5 V Converter Power Supply ENCODE CLKOUT TIMING APPLICATIONS DS CLKOUT RGB Graphics Processing DS OMS CONTROL I/P High Resolution Video 2.5V PD LCD Monitors and ProjectorsMicromirror Projectors VREF RVREF GVREF BVREF VCC VDD GND

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AD9483.pdf Datasheet