Part # Data Brief STLED316S datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Serial-Interfaced 6-Digit LED controller with key scan

Part Details:

STLED316S Serial-Interfaced 6-Digit LED controller with key scan Data Brief Features LED driver with 14 outputs (8 segments / 6 digits) 40mA load current capability for each segment Outputs connect directly to the LEDs or can be open-drain SO-24 Key-scanning (8x2 matrix) Low power consumption in standby mode 3-wire Serial Bus Interface (CLK, STB, DIN/DOUT) Description 8-step dimming circuit to control the overall The STLED316S is a compact LED controller and display brightness driver that interface microprocessors to LED Single external resistor for output current displays through serial 3-wire interface. It drives setting LED connected in common anode configuration. Inputs with Schmitt trigger give superior noise The STLED316S drives up to 48 discrete LEDs in immunity 8 segment/6 digit configuration while functioning from a supply voltage of 5.0V. Additionally it can A single LED digit output (DIG1_LED) can be be used to drive 8 discrete LEDs which form a used to drive up to 8 discrete LEDs part of LED digit. The individual LEDs are wired 8-step dimming circuit to control brightness of as segments of a digit and brightness of these individual LEDs for LED digit individual LEDs can be controlled digitally. The 5.0V (± 10%) for V maximum segment current for the display digits is CC set through a single external resistor. Individual Drives common-anode LED digits digits may be addressed and updated without re- Built-in power on reset and soft-start circuits writing the entire display. Available in SO24 package Additionally it includes key scanning for an 8x2 -40°C to 85°C operating temperature range key matrix which automatically scans a matrix of up to 16 switches. STLED316S supports numeric- Applications type displays and reduces the overall BOM costs through high integration. Also it provides ESD Set Top Boxes protection of greater than 2kV HBM. White goods The LED controller/driver is ideal as a peripheral device to interface the display with a singlechip

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