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ST Microelectronics


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AN1488 APPLICATION NOTE STLC1 LED CLUSTER LAMP DRIVER F. Macina (DSG VREGS Application Engineer) 1. ABSTRACT Nowadays, many applications, such as automotive exterior and interior lights, display and signagelighting and incandescent bulbs, are going to be replaced more and more by LED lamps. This is due to anumber of advantages that make the use of this kind of lighting very attractive. Above all, LEDs have analmost unlimited working life, as well as a smaller size and better efficiency, when compared to theirincandescent counterparts. Moreover, LEDs have an extremely fast response. They do not require awarm up phase like conventional bulbs do (about 200ms). This ensures added safety especially whenused for stoplights. The objective of this application note is to provide a complete explaination of how theSTLC1, a monolithic device, is able to drive up to three LED lamps clusters at the same time. 2. GENERAL DEVICE DESCRIPTION. Figure 1: STLC1 Internal Block Diagram B+ THERMAL OSCILLATOR PROTECTION P-OUT PWM TURN I SWITCH N CONTOLLER STOP PU - TAIL T COMP1 Rs + CNTL TS-PWM PWM - FDBK COMP ERR AMP 1.24V + PULSE WIDTH CONTROLLER REF REF TR-DRV OSC M1 ST-DRV GND M2 Obsolete Product(s) - Obsolete Product(s) TL-DRV M3 LAMP LMP-OUT OUTAGE DETECT TL-L ST-L TR-L

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