Part # AD9461 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD9461 16-Bit 130 MSPS IF Sampling ADC Data Sheet (Rev. 0)

Part Details:

16-Bit, 130 MSPS IF Sampling ADC AD9461 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM 130 MSPS guaranteed sampling rate AGND AVDD1 AVDD2 DRGND DRVDD 78.7 dBFS SNR/90 dBc SFDR with 10 MHz input DFS (3.4 V p-p input, 130 MSPS) AD9461 DCS MODE 77.7 dBFS SNR with 170.3 MHz input BUFFER OUTPUT MODE 16 (4.0 V p-p input, 130 MSPS) VIN+ 2 T/H PIPELINE CMOS OR VIN­ ADC OR 77.0 dBFS SNR/84 dBc SFDR with 170 MHz input LVDS 32 (3.4 V p-p input, 130 MSPS) OUTPUT D15 TO D0 STAGING 76.3 dBFS SNR/86 dBc SFDR with 225 MHz input 2 CLK+ CLOCK (3.4 V p-p input, 125 MSPS) AND TIMING DCO CLK­ MANAGEMENT REF 89 dBFS two-tone SFDR with 169 MHz and 170 MHz (130 MSPS) 0011- 60 fsec rms jitter VREF SENSE REFT REFB 0601 Excellent linearity Figure 1. DNL = ±0.6 LSB typical INL = ±5.0 LSB typical 2.0 V p-p to 4.0 V p-p differential full-scale input Buffered analog inputs LVDS outputs (ANSI-644 compatible) or CMOS outputs Data format select (offset binary or twos complement) Output clock available

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AD9461.pdf Datasheet