Part # LM4931 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM4931 Boomer ® Audio Power Amplifier Series Audio Subsystem with Mono High Efficiency Loudspeaker and Stereo Headphone Ampl

Part Details:

Amplifiers LM4931 July 2006 Audio LM4931Audio Subsystem with Mono High Efficiency Subsystem Loudspeaker and Stereo Headphone AmplifiersGeneral Description Key Specifications The LM4931 is an integrated audio subsystem that supports j P at AV = 5V, 8 LS OUT DD voice and digital audio functions. The LM4931 includes ahigh quality stereo DAC, voice band codec, a stereo head- 1% THD+N 1.1W (typ) phone amplifier and a high-power high efficiency mono j P at AV = 3.3V, 8 LS OUT DD speaker amplifier. It is primarily designed for demanding 1% THD+N 570mW (typ) with applications in mobile phones and other portable devices. j P at AV = 5V & AV = 3.3V, 32 H/P OUT DD DD The LM4931 features an I2S serial interface for full range 1% THD+N 26mW (typ) audio, a 16-bit PCM bi-directional serial interface for the Mono voice band codec and an I2C/SPI compatible interface for j Supply voltage range control. The full range music path features an SNR of 86dB DV 2.7V to 4.0V DD with an 18-bit 48kHz input. The headphone amplifier delivers AV (Note 8) 2.7V to 5.0V at least 26mW to a 32 single-ended stereo load with DD RMS High

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