Part # Brief L7220 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Disk drive spindle and VCM motor driver

Part Details:

L7220 Disk drive spindle and VCM motor driver Data Brief Features Suitable for enterprise and multi-platter desktop high performance drives Register based architecture Serial communication interface up to 60MHz VCM driver TQFP64 (exposed pad down) 2.5A peak current drive capability Integrated bridge power devices with 0.3 max bridge impedance External isolation FET driver 15 bit linear DAC for current command with Voltage monitoring gain switch Power-on reset with soft start and Power on ramp loading and unloading programmable integrated delay capability with 10 bit ADC 10 bit ADC with multiplexed inputs Fully integrated discontinuous mode ramp Thermal sense circuit and overtemperature unload circuitry at power off with end of travel shutdown detection or alternate voltage mode power off scheme Description Spindle driver L7220 is a motor controller IC designed for both 3.0A peak current drive capability enterprise and multi-platter desktop hard disk drive applications. Integrated bridge power devices with 0.3 max bridge impedance The spindle motor driver subsystem integrates all power FETs driven by ST s SmoothDrive ST s SmoothDriveTM architecture commutation technology. Voltage mode sinusoidal driving The voice coil driver block includes the power Inductance sense start-up capability FETs, as well as ramp load and unload capability. Other functions Hysteretic switching regulator controllers are included. 4 high efficiency hysteretic switching positive regulators controllers with voltage margining L7220 embeds a serial interface with a maximum -5V regulator controller with voltage margining speed of 60MHz. Table 1. Device summary Order code Package Packing

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