Part # TL7702 TL7705 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics


Part Details:

® TL7700A Series SUPPLY VOLTAGE SUPERVISORS .POWER-ON RESET GENERATOR .AUTOMATIC RESET GENERATION AFTER VOLTAGE DROP .WIDE SUPPLY VOLTAGE RANGE ... 3V TO 18V .PRECISION VOLTAGE SENSOR .TEMPERATURE-COMPENSATED VOLTAGE REFERENCE .TRUE AND COMPLEMENT RESET OUTPUTS . N EXTERNALLY ADJUSTABLE PULSE WIDTH Minidip DESCRIPTION The TL7700A series are monolithic supply voltagesupervisor IC s specifically designed for use as resetcontrollers in microcomputer and microprocessor D systems. During power-up the device tests the sup- SO8 ply voltage and keeps the RESET and RESET out-puts active (high and low, respectively) as long asthe supply voltage has not reached its nominal volt-age value. Taking RESIN low has the same effect.To ensure that the microcomputer system has reset,the TL7700A then initiates an internal time countthat delays the return of the reset outputs to their in- ORDERING NUMBERS active states. Since the time delay for most micro-computers and microprocessors is in the order of Temperature Range Minidip S08 several machine cycles, the device internal time de- 0 to 70oC TL77XXACP TL77XXACD lay is determined by an external capacitor con- -25 to 85oC TL77XXAIP TL77XXAID nected to the CT input (pin 3).t 4 po = 1.3 x 10 x CT PIN CONNECTION (top view) Where : CT is in farads (F) and tpo in seconds (s). Inaddition, when the supply voltage drops below thenominal value, the outputs will be active until thesupply voltage returns to the nominal value. An ex-ternal capacitor (typically 0.1 µF) must be connectedto the REF output (pin 1) to reduce the influence offast transients in the supply voltage.The TL7700AI series is characterized for operationfrom ­ 25oC to 85oC ; the TL7700AC series is char-acterized from 0oC to 70oC. July 2000 1/7 TL7700A Series BLOCK DIAGRAM * TL7702A R1 = 0, R2 = open ; TL7705A R1 = 7.8 K, R2 = 10k ; TL7709A R1 = 19.7 K, R2 = 10k ; TL7712A R1 = 32.7k, R2 = 10k ; TL7715A R1 = 43.4 K, R2 = 10k. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Symbol Parameter Value Unit VS Supply Voltage, VCC - (see note 1) 20

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