Part # LMX2330A datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LMX2330A LMX2331A LMX2332A PLLatinum Dual Frequency Synthesizer for RF Personal Communications

Part Details:

Communications LMX2330A/LMX2331A/LMX2332A May 1999 LMX2330A/LMX2331A/LMX2332APLLatinumTM Dual Frequency Synthesizer for RFPersonal Communications LMX2330A 2.5 GHz/510 MHz The LMX233xA are available in a TSSOP 20-pin surfacemount plastic package. LMX2331A 2.0 GHz/510 MHz LMX2332A 1.2 GHz/510 MHz Featuresn 2.7V to 5.5V operation General Description n Low current consumption The LMX233xA family of monolithic, integrated dual fre- n Selectable powerdown mode: I = 1 µA typical at 3V CC quency synthesizers, including prescalers, is to be used as a n Dual modulus prescaler: local oscillator for RF and first IF of a dual conversion trans- LMX2330A (RF) 32/33 or 64/65 ceiver. It is fabricated using National s ABiC IV silicon LMX2331A/32A (RF) 64/65 or 128/129 PLLatinum BiCMOS process. LMX2330A/31A/32A (IF) 8/9 or 16/17 The LMX233xA contains dual modulus prescalers. A 64/65 n Selectable charge pump TRI-STATE® mode or a 128/129 prescaler (32/33 or 64/65 in the 2.5 GHz n Selectable FastLockTM mode LMX2330A) can be selected for the RF synthesizer and a n Small outline, plastic, surface mount TSSOP 0.173" 8/9 or a 16/17 prescaler can be selected for the IF synthe- wide package sizer. LMX233XA, which employs a digital phase locked looptechnique, combined with a high quality reference oscillator Applications and loop filters, provides the tuning voltages for voltage con- Dual n Portable Wireless Communications (PCS/PCN, cordless) trolled oscillators to generate very stable low noise RF andIF local oscillator signals. Serial data is transferred into the n Cordless and cellular telephone systems LMX233xA via a three wire interface (Data, Enable, Clock). n Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) Frequency Supply voltage can range from 2.7V to 5.5V. The LMX233xA n Cable TV tuners (CATV) family features very low current consumption; n Other wireless communication systems LMX2330A -- 13 mA at 3V, LMX2331A -- 12 mA at 3V,LMX2332A -- 8 mA at 3V.

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