Part # MAX817L-MAX819M datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX817 18 19 DS

Part Details:

19-0486; Rev 3; 12/05 +5V Microprocessor Supervisory Circuits MAX817L/M, MAX818L/M, MAX819L/M* General Description ____________________________Features The MAX817/MAX818/MAX819 microprocessor (µP) Precision Supply-Voltage Monitor: supervisory circuits simplify power-supply monitoring, 4.65V (MAX81_L) battery control, and chip-enable gating in µP systems 4.40V (MAX81_M) by reducing the number of components required. 11µA Quiescent Supply Current These devices are designed for use in +5V-poweredsystems. Low supply current (11µA typical) and small 200ms Reset Time Delay package size make these devices ideal for portable Watchdog Timer with 1.6sec Timeout applications. The MAX817/MAX818/MAX819 are specif- (MAX817/MAX818) ically designed to ignore fast transients on VCC. Othersupervisory functions include active-low reset, backup- Battery-Backup Power Switching; Battery Voltage battery switchover, watchdog input, battery freshness Can Exceed VCC seal, and chip-enable gating. The Selector Guide below Battery Freshness Seal lists the specific functions available from each device. On-Board, 3ns Gating of Chip-Enable Signals These devices offer two pretrimmed reset threshold volt- (MAX818) ages for ±5% or ±10% power supplies: 4.65V for the Lversions and 4.40V for the M versions. The MAX817/ Uncommitted Voltage Monitor for Power-Fail or MAX818/MAX819 are available in space-saving µMAX Low-Battery Warning (MAX817/MAX819) packages, as well as 8-pin DIP/SO. Manual Reset Input (MAX819) _____________________Selector Guide ______________Ordering Information PART TEMP. RANGE PIN-PACKAGE MAX817 MAX818 MAX819 FEATURE L/M L/M L/M MAX817_CPA 0°C to +70°C 8 Plastic DIP MAX817_CSA 0°C to +70°C 8 SO Active-Low Reset

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