Part # 6N139 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: 6N138,

Part Details:

Single-Channel: August 2008 Single-Channel: 6N138, 6N139 6N138, Dual-Channel: HCPL2730, HCPL2731Low Input Current High Gain Split 6N139 Dual-Channel: Darlington Optocouplers Features Description Low current ­ 0.5mA The 6N138/9 and HCPL2730/HCPL2731 optocouplers Superior CTR-2000% consist of an AlGaAs LED optically coupled to a high Superior CMR-10kV/µs gain split darlington photodetector. CTR guaranteed 0­70°C The split darlington configuration separating the input U.L. recognized (File # E90700) photodiode and the first stage gain from the outputtransistor permits lower output saturation voltage and VDE recognized (File # 120915) Ordering option V, HCPL2730, higher speed operation than possible with conventional e.g., 6N138V darlington phototransistor optocoupler. In the dual Dual Channel ­ HCPL2730, HCPL2731 channel devices, HCPL2730/HCPL2731, an integratedemitter-base resistor provides superior stability over Applications temperature. HCPL2731 Digital logic ground isolation The combination of a very low input current of 0.5mA Telephone ring detector and a high current transfer ratio of 2000% makes this EIA-RS-232C line receiver family particularly useful for input interface to MOS, High common mode noise line receiver CMOS, LSTTL and EIA RS232C, while output compati- µP bus isolation bility is ensured to CMOS as well as high fan-out TTL -- Lo requirements. An internal noise shield provides excep- Current loop receiver tional common mode rejection of 10 kV/µs. w Input Current High Gain Split Darlington Optocoupler Schematic Package Outlines N/C 1 8 V + 1 8 V CC CC 8 VF1

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