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Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

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FIN24C µSerDesTMLow-V October 2006 FIN24C tm µSerDesTMLow-Voltage 24-Bit Bi-Directional Serializer/Deserializer Features General Description olt Low power for minimum impact on battery life The FIN24C µSerDesTM is a low-power Serializer/ a ­ Multiple power-down modes Deserializer (SerDes) that can help minimize the cost ge 24- ­ AC coupling with DC balance and power of transferring wide signal paths. Through the 100nA in standby mode, 5mA typical operating use of serialization, the number of signals transferred conditions from one point to another can be significantly reduced. B Cable reduction: 25:4 or greater Typical reduction is 4:1 to 6:1 for unidirectional paths. it Bi-Dir For bi-directional operation, using half duplex for multiple Bi-directional operation 50:7 reduction or greater sources, it is possible to increase the signal reduction to Up to 24 bits in either direction close to 10:1. Through the use of differential signaling, Up to 20MHz parallel interface operation shielding and EMI filters can also be minimized, further ect Voltage translation from 1.65V to 3.6V reducing the cost of serialization. The differential signal-ing is also important for providing a noise-insensitive sig- i Ultra-small and cost-effective packaging ona nal that can withstand radio and electrical noise sources. High ESD protection: >7.5kV HBM Major reduction in power consumption allows minimal l Serializer/Deserializer Parallel I/O power supply (VDDP) range between impact on battery life in ultra-portable applications. A 1.65V to 3.6V unique word boundary technique assures that the actual Applications word boundary is identified when the data is deserial-ized. This guarantees that each word is correctly aligned Micro-controller or pixel interfaces at the deserializer on a word-by-word basis through a Image sensors unique sequence of clock and data that is not repeatedexcept at the word boundary. A single PLL is adequate Small displays for most applications, including bi-directional operation. ­ LCD, cell phone, digital camera, portable gaming, printer, PDA, video camera, automotive

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