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Fairchild Semiconductor

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FAN5240 Multi-Phase PWM Contr March 2006 FAN5240Multi-Phase PWM Controller for AMD Mobile AthlonTM and DuronTM Features General Description CPU Core power: 0.925V to 2.0V output range The FAN5240 is a single output 2-Phase synchronous ±1% reference precision over temperature buck controller to power AMD s mobile CPU core. The Dynamic voltage setting with 5-bit DAC FAN5240 includes a 5-bit digital-to-analog converter(DAC) that adjusts the core PWM output voltage from 6V to 24V input voltage range oller f 0.925VDC to 2.0VDC, which may be changed during 2 phase interleaved switching operation. Special measures are taken to allow the out- Active droop to reduce output capacitor size put to transition with controlled slew rate to comply with or AMD Mobile AthlonTM and Dur Differential remote voltage sense AMD s Power Now technology. The FAN5240 includes High efficiency: a precision reference, and a proprietary architecture with >90% efficiency over wide load range integrated compensation providing excellent static and >80% efficiency at light load dynamic core voltage regulation. The regulator includesspecial circuitry which balances the 2 phase currents for Excellent dynamic response with Voltage maximum efficiency. Feed-Forward and Average Current Mode control Dynamic duty cycle clamp minimizes inductor current At light loads, when the filter inductor current becomes build up discontinuous, the controller operates in a hysteretic Lossless current sensing on low-side MOSFET or mode, dramatically improving system efficiency. The hys- Precision current sensing using sense resistor teretic mode of operation can be inhibited by the FPWMcontrol pin. Fault protections: Over-voltage, Over-current, and Thermal Shut-down The FAN5240 monitors the output voltage and issues a Controls: Enable, Forced PWM, Power Good, Power PGOOD (Power-Good) when soft start is completed and Good Delay the output is in regulation. A pin is provided to add delayto PGOOD with an external capacitor. QSOP28, TSSOP28 A built-in over-voltage protection (OVP) forces the lower onTM Applications MOSFET on to prevent the output from exceeding a setvoltage. The PWM controller s overcurrent circuitry moni- AMD Mobile Athlon CPU VCORE Regulator tors the converter load by sensing the voltage drop Graphic chip VCORE Regulator across the lower MOSFET. The overcurrent threshold isset by an external resistor. If precision overcurrent pro-tection is required, an optional external current-senseresistor may be used.

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