Part # LM80 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM80 Serial Interface ACPI-Compatible Microprocessor System Hardware Monitor

Part Details:

LM80 June 2001 Serial LM80Serial Interface ACPI-Compatible Microprocessor System InterfaceHardware MonitorGeneral Description n WATCHDOG comparison of all monitored values n Separate input to show status in Interrupt Status The LM80 provides 7 positive voltage inputs, temperature Register of additional external temperature sensors such ACPI-Compatible measurement, fan speed measurement, and hardware as the LM56 or LM75 monitoring on an I2CTM interface. The LM80 performsWATCHDOG comparisons of all measured values and an n I2C Serial Bus interface compatibility open-drain interrupt output becomes active when any values n Shutdown mode to minimize power consumption exceed programmed limits. A Chassis Intrusion input is pro- n Programmable RST_OUT/OS pin: RST_OUT provides a vided to monitor and reset an external circuit designed to Reset output; OS provides an Interrupt Output activated latch a chassis intrusion event. by an Overtemperature Shutdown event The LM80 is especially suited to interface to both linear anddigital temperature sensors. The 10 mV LSB and 2.56 volt Key Specifications input range is ideal for accepting inputs from a linear sensor j Voltage monitoring Error ±1% (max) such as the LM50. The BTI is used as an input from eitherdigital or thermostat sensors such as LM75 and LM56. j Temperature Error Microprocessor The LM80 s 2.8V to 5.75V supply voltage range, low supply -25°C to +125°C ± 3°C (max) current, and I2C interface make it ideal for a wide range of j Supply Voltage Range 2.8V to applications. These include hardware monitoring and protec- 5.75V tion applications in personal computers, electronic test j Supply Current Operating: 0.2 mA typ equipment, and office electronics. Shutdown: 15 µA typ Features j ADC Resolution 8 Bits j Temperature Resolution 0.5°C n Temperature sensing n 7 positive voltage inputs n 2 programmable fan speed monitoring inputs Applications n 10 mV LSB and 2.56V input range accepts outputs from System

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