Part # Brief STV83x8 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: V sound processor with analog broadcast demodulator for BTSC standards

Part Details:

STV83x8 TV sound processor with analog broadcast demodulator for BTSC standards Data Brief Features 24-bit Digital signal processor 48kHz processing Fully automatic multi-standard demodulation ­ M / N standards ­ FM mono ­ BTSC (US MTS) stereo and SAP " 2004 SRS Labs, Inc. All rights reserved, SRS and the SRS logo are registered trademarks of SRS Labs, Inc. standards Audio delay ­ 100ms embedded ­ external delay support (through I²S) with or without the internal delay activated ­ independent delay on headphone and "Dolby", "Pro Logic", and the double-D symbol are trademarks of loudspeaker channels Dolby Laboratories Digital interfaces ­ 1 x I²S asynchronous interface for stereo or downmix with sample rate converter up to ® STV83x8 48kHz ­ 1 x I²S synchronous interface which supports LQFP100 and LQFP80 Package from stereo up to multichannel 5.1 and downmix inputs Sound processing ­ 1 x I²S output support from stereo up to 5.1 ­ anti-clipping speakers ­ independent volume / balance for loudspeakers ­ SPDIF output and pass-thru with integrated and headphone switch ­ Smart Volume Control (SVC) ­ 5-band equalizer Analog interfaces ­ loudness ­

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Brief STV83x8.pdf Datasheet