Part # HD1520FX datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: High voltage NPN power transistor for high definition CRT displays

Part Details:

HD1520FX HIGH VOLTAGE NPN POWER TRANSISTOR FOR HIGH DEFINITION CRT DISPLAYS n STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY: Figure 1: Package DIFFUSED COLLECTOR "ENHANCED GENERATION" EHVS1 n WIDER RANGE OF OPTIMUM DRIVE CONDITIONS n LESS SENSITIVE TO OPERATING TEMPERATURE VARIATION n FULLY INSULATED POWER PACKAGE U.L. COMPLIANT APPLICATIONS IS OWA T T218FX n HORIZONTAL DEFLECTION FOR LARGE AND FLAT SCREEN 100 Hz COLOR TVs Figure 2: Internal Schematic Diagram DESCRIPTIONThe device is manufactured using DiffusedCollector in Planar technology adopting "EnhanceHigh Voltage Structure" (EHVS1) developed to fitHigh-Definition CRT displays.The new HD product series show improved siliconefficiency bringing updated performance to theHorizontal Deflection stage. Table 1: Part Number Marking Package Packaging HD1520FX HD1520FX ISOWATT218FX TUBE Table 2: Absolute Maximum Ratings Symbol Parameter Value Unit VCES Collector-Emitter Voltage (VBE = 0) 1500 V VCEO Collector-Emitter Voltage (IB= 0) 700 V VEBO Emitter-Base Voltage (IC= 0) 10 V IC Collector Current 15 A

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HD1520FX.pdf Datasheet