Part # MAX9511 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX9511 DS

Part Details:

19-3669; Rev 3; 8/07 RGBHV Driver with EMI Suppression MAX9511 General Description Features The MAX9511 provides a complete VGA interface RGB Drivers with Adjustable Slew Rate for EMI between a graphics controller and/or docking station. Control The MAX9511 has output drivers with variable electro-magnetic interference (EMI) suppression for graphics H Sync and V Sync Drivers with Level Translation video and sync (RGBHV) signals and includes external Bidirectional Level Translators for DDC Support load-detection circuitry. Simultaneously Drives External Monitor/Projector The MAX9511 suppresses EMI emissions by limitingthe slew rate (SR) rather than limiting bandwidth with and Docking Station without Analog RGB fixed L-C filters. The SR controls the large-signal band- Switches--No Stub Reflections width without affecting the small-signal bandwidth, Eliminates Up to 34 External Components resulting in sharper video images, while reducing EMI.The SR of the MAX9511 provides tighter control than Small 24-Pin QSOP Package traditional passive L-C components, and allows the SRto track the resolution by varying an external resistor Ordering Information (RRX) rather than being fixed to a sub-optimal value. PIN- PKG PART TEMP RANGE The load-detection circuitry of the MAX9511 automatically PACKAGE CODE detects and transmits a change in load status to the input MAX9511CEG 0°C to +70°C 24 QSOP E24-2 stages when an external load (monitor, docking station, orprojector) is connected. The MAX9511 is compatible with MAX9511CEG+ 0°C to +70°C 24 QSOP E24-2 the load-detection circuitry on the digital-to-analog (DAC) +Denotes a lead-free package. outputs of most video graphics controllers. The output drivers provide 6dB of gain to compensate for the 75back-termination resistors, which reduce transmission line Simplified Block Diagram reflections. The RGBHV channels can be placed into shutdown toreduce power when no external load is connected. MAX9511 The MAX9511 operates from 3V and 5V supplies. The EMI SUPPRESSION DDC circuitry performs bidirectional level translationfrom 3V to 5V logic levels. The MAX9511 is offered in a RED_IN RED_OUT

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