Part # LM2736 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM2736 Thin SOT23 750mA Load Step-Down DC-DC Regulator

Part Details:

LM2736 January 2005 Thin LM2736Thin SOT23 750mA Load Step-Down DC-DC Regulator SOT23 General Description Features The LM2736 regulator is a monolithic, high frequency, PWM n Thin SOT23-6 package step-down DC/DC converter in a 6-pin Thin SOT23 package. n 3.0V to 18V input voltage range It provides all the active functions to provide local DC/DC 750mA n 1.25V to 16V output voltage range conversion with fast transient response and accurate regu- n 750mA output current lation in the smallest possible PCB area. n 550kHz (LM2736Y) and 1.6MHz (LM2736X) With a minimum of external components and online design switching frequencies support through WEBENCH®TM, the LM2736 is easy to use. n 350m NMOS switch The ability to drive 750mA loads with an internal 350m Load n 30nA shutdown current NMOS switch using state-of-the-art 0.5µm BiCMOS technol- n 1.25V, 2% internal voltage reference ogy results in the best power density available. The worldclass control circuitry allows for on-times as low as 13ns, n Internal soft-start thus supporting exceptionally high frequency conversion n Current-Mode, PWM operation Step-Down over the entire 3V to 18V input operating range down to the n WEBENCH® online design tool minimum output voltage of 1.25V. Switching frequency is n Thermal shutdown internally set to 550kHz (LM2736Y) or 1.6MHz (LM2736X),allowing the use of extremely small surface mount inductors Applications and chip capacitors. Even though the operating frequencies n Local Point of Load Regulation are very high, efficiencies up to 90% are easy to achieve.External shutdown is included, featuring an ultra-low n Core Power in HDDs stand-by current of 30nA. The LM2736 utilizes current-mode n Set-Top Boxes DC-DC control and internal compensation to provide high- n Battery Powered Devices performance regulation over a wide range of operating con- n USB Powered Devices

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