Part # LM2466 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM2466 Monolithic Triple 7.5 ns CRT Driver

Part Details:

LM2466 June 2002 Monolithic LM2466Monolithic Triple 7.5 ns CRT DriverGeneral Description Features The LM2466 is an integrated high voltage CRT driver circuit n Higher gain to match LM126X CMOS preamplifiers designed for use in color monitor applications. The IC con- n 0V to 3.75V input range T tains three high input impedance, wide band amplifiers riple n Stable with 0­20 pF capacitive loads and inductive which directly drive the RGB cathodes of a CRT. Each peaking networks channel has its gain internally set to -20 and can drive CRT n Convenient TO-220 staggered lead package style capacitive loads as well as resistive loads present in other n Maintains standard LM243X Family pinout which is 7.5 applications, limited only by the package s power dissipation. designed for easy PCB layout The IC is packaged in an industry standard 9-lead TO-220molded plastic power package. See the Thermal Consider- ns Applications ations section for more information. n 1024 x 768 displays up to 85 Hz refresh CRT n Pixel clock frequencies up to 95 MHz n Monitors using video blanking Driver Schematic Diagram 20043601 FIGURE 1. Simplified Schematic Diagram (One Channel) © 2002 National Semiconductor Corporation DS200436 Connection Diagram LM2466 20043602 Note: Tab is at GND Top View Order Number LM2466TA 2 LM2466 Absolute Maximum Ratings (Notes 1, Machine Model 250V 3) If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, Operating Ranges (Note 2)

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