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Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: . AD7249

Part Details:

a LC2MOS Dual 12-Bit Serial DACPORT® AD7249 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM Two 12-Bit CMOS DAC Channels with On-Chip Voltage Reference VDD VSS Output Amplifiers Three Selectable Output Ranges per Channel AD7249 2R ­5 V to +5 V, 0 V to +5 V, 0 V to +10 V ROFSA REFOUT Serial Interface 2R 125 kHz DAC Update RateSmall Size: 16-Lead DIP or SOIC A1 V 12-BIT OUTA Low Power Dissipation DAC A REFIN 2R APPLICATIONS ROFSB 2R Process ControlIndustrial Automation AGND Digital Signal Processing Systems A2 V 12-BIT OUTB Input/Output Ports DAC B DGND INPUT SHIFT REGISTER GENERAL DESCRIPTIONThe AD7249 DACPORT contains a pair of 12-bit, voltage-output, digital-to-analog converters with output amplifiers and SCLK SDIN SYNC BIN/COMP CLR LDAC Zener voltage reference on a monolithic CMOS chip. No exter-nal trims are required to achieve full specified performance. The AD7249 features a serial interface which allows easy con- The output amplifiers are capable of developing +10 V across a nection to both microcomputers and 16-bit digital signal proces- 2 k load. The output voltage ranges with single supply opera- sors with serial ports. The serial data may be applied at rates up tion are 0 V to +5 V or 0 V to +10 V, while an additional bipolar to 2 MHz allowing a DAC update rate of 125 kHz.

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