Part # AD845 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD845 Precision 16 MHz CBFET Op Amp Data Sheet (REV. E)

Part Details:

a Precision, 16 MHz CBFET Op Amp AD845 FEATURES CONNECTION DIAGRAMS Replaces Hybrid Amplifiers in Many Applications Plastic Mini-DIP (N) Package 16-Lead SOIC AC PERFORMANCE: and CERDIP (Q) Package (R-16) Package Settles to 0.01% in 350 ns100 V/ s Slew Rate12.8 MHz Min Unity Gain Bandwidth1.75 MHz Full Power Bandwidth at 20 V p-p DC PERFORMANCE:0.25 mV Max Input Offset Voltage5 V/ C Max Offset Voltage Drift0.5 nA Input Bias Current250 V/mV Min Open-Loop Gain4 V p-p Max Voltage Noise, 0.1 Hz to 10 Hz94 dB Min CMRRAvailable in Plastic Mini-DIP, Hermetic CERDIP, and SOIC Packages. Also Available in Tape and Reel inAccordance with EIA-481A Standard GENERAL DESCRIPTION The AD845 conforms to the standard op amp pinout except The AD845 is a fast, precise, N channel JFET input, monolithic that offset nulling is to V+. The AD845J and AD845K grade operational amplifier. It is fabricated using Analog Devices devices are available specified to operate over the commercial complementary bipolar (CB) process. Advanced laser-wafer 0C to 70C temperature range. AD845A and AD845B trimming technology enables the very low input offset voltage devices are specified for operation over the ­40C to +85C and offset voltage drift performance to be realized. This preci- industrial temperature range. The AD845S is specified to oper- sion, when coupled with a slew rate of 100 V/ms, a stable unity ate over the full military temperature range of ­55C to +125C. gain bandwidth of 16 MHz, and a settling time of 350 ns to Both the industrial and military versions are available in 8-lead 0.01%--while driving a parallel load of 100 pF and 500 W-- CERDIP packages. The commercial version is available in an represents a combination of features unmatched by any FET 8-lead plastic mini-DIP and 16-lead SOIC; J and S grade chips input IC amplifier. The AD845 can easily be used to upgrade are also available. many existing designs that use BiFET or FET input hybridamplifiers and, in some cases, those which use bipolar input PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS op amps. 1. The high slew rate, fast settling time, and dc precision of the The AD845 is ideal for use in applications such as active filters, AD845 make it ideal for high speed applications requiring high speed integrators, photodiode preamps, sample-and-hold 12-bit accuracy. amplifiers, and log amplifiers, and for buffering A/D and D/A 2. The performance of circuits using the LF400, HA2520, converters. The 250 mV max input offset voltage makes offset HA2522, HA2525, HA2620, HA2622, HA2625, 3550, nulling unnecessary in many applications. The common-mode OPA605, and LH0062 can be upgraded in most cases. rejection ratio of 110 dB over a ± 10 V input voltage range 3. The AD845 is unity gain stable and internally compensated. represents exceptional performance for a JFET input highspeed op amp. This, together with a minimum open-loop 4. The AD845 is specified while driving 100 pF/500 W loads.

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