Part # HCF4053 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics


Part Details:

HCF4053B TRIPLE 2-CHANNEL ANALOG MULTIPLEXER/DEMULTIPLEXER s LOW "ON" RESISTANCE : 125 (Typ.)OVER 15V p.p SIGNAL-INPUT RANGE FORVDD - VEE = 15V s HIGH "OFF" RESISTANCE : CHANNELLEAKAGE ± 100pA (Typ.) at VDD - VEE = 18V s BINARY ADDRESS DECODING ON CHIP s HIGH DEGREE OF LINEARITY : < 0.5% DIP SOP DISTORTION TYP. at fIS = 1KHz, VIS = 5 Vpp, VDD - VSS > 10V, RL = 10K s VERY LOW QUIESCENT POWER ORDER CODES DISSIPATION UNDER ALL DIGITAL PACKAGE TUBE T & R CONTROL INPUT AND SUPPLYCONDITIONS : 0.2 µW (Typ.) DIP HCF4053BEY at VDD - VSS = VDD - VEE =10V SOP HCF4053BM1 HCF4053M013TR s MATCHED SWITCH CHARACTERISTICS :RON = 5 (Typ.) FOR VDD - VEE = 15V s WIDE RANGE OF DIGITAL AND ANALOG technology available in DIP and SOP packages. SIGNAL LEVELS : DIGITAL 3 to 20, The HCF4053B analog multiplexer/demultiplexer ANALOG TO 20V p.p. is a digitally controlled analog switch having low s QUIESCENT CURRENT SPECIF. UP TO 20V ON impedance and very low OFF leakage current. s 5V, 10V AND 15V PARAMETRIC RATINGS This multiplexer circuit dissipate extremely low s INPUT LEAKAGE CURRENT quiescent power over the full VDD - VSS and VDD - II = 100nA (MAX) AT VDD = 18V TA = 25°C VEE supply voltage range, independent of the s 100% TESTED FOR QUIESCENT CURRENT logic state of the control signals. s MEETS ALL REQUIREMENTS OF JEDEC When a logic "1" is present at the inhibit input

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HCF4053.pdf Datasheet