Part # 74LCX257 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Low voltage CMOS quad 2 channel multiplexer with 5V tolerant inputs and outputs (3-state)

Part Details:

74LCX257 LOW VOLTAGE CMOS QUAD 2 CHANNEL MULTIPLEXER WITH 5V TOLERANT INPUTS AND OUTPUTS (3-STATE) s 5V TOLERANT INPUTS AND OUTPUTS s HIGH SPEED:tPD = 6.0 ns (MAX.) at VCC = 3V s POWER DOWN PROTECTION ON INPUTS AND OUTPUTS s SYMMETRICAL OUTPUT IMPEDANCE:|I SOP TSSOP OH| = IOL = 24mA (MIN) at VCC = 3V s PCI BUS LEVELS GUARANTEED AT 24 mA s BALANCED PROPAGATION DELAYS: Table 1: Order Codes tPLH tPHL PACKAGE T & R s OPERATING VOLTAGE RANGE:VCC(OPR) = 2.0V to 3.6V (1.5V Data SOP 74LCX257MTR Retention) TSSOP 74LCX257TTR s PIN AND FUNCTION COMPATIBLE WITH 74 SERIES 257 It is composed of four independent 2 channel s LATCH-UP PERFORMANCE EXCEEDS multiplexers with common SELECT and ENABLE 500mA (JESD 17) (OE) INPUT. The 74LCX257 is a non-inverting s ESD PERFORMANCE: multiplexer. When the ENABLE INPUT is held HBM > 2000V (MIL STD 883 method 3015); "High", all outputs become in high impedance MM > 200V state. If SELECT INPUT is held "Low", "A" data isselected, when SELECT INPUT is "High", "B" data DESCRIPTION is chosen. The 74LCX257 is a low voltage CMOS QUAD 2 It has same speed performance at 3.3V than 5V CHANNEL MULTIPLEXER (3-STATE) fabricated AC/ACT family, combined with a lower power with sub-micron silicon gate and double-layer consumption. metal wiring C2MOS technology. It is ideal for low All inputs and outputs are equipped with

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74LCX257.pdf Datasheet