Part # MAX4674 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX4674 DS

Part Details:

19-1708; Rev 3; 12/06 3V/5V, 4, Wideband Quad 2:1 Analog Multiplexer MAX4674 General Description Features The MAX4674 is a low-voltage CMOS analog switch con- Guaranteed On-Resistance taining four 2:1 multiplexers/demultiplexer. When pow- 4 max (+5V Supply) ered from a single +5V supply, it features a low 4 max 6 max (+3V Supply) on-resistance (RON), 0.4 max RON matching between Guaranteed Match Between Channels channels, and 0.8 RON flatness over the entire signal 0.4 max range. Off-leakage current is only 0.5nA max at +25°C. Guaranteed Flatness Over Signal Range The MAX4674 features fast turn-on (tON) and turn-off 0.8 max (tOFF) times of 18ns and 6ns, respectively, and is avail- 1.8V Operation able in QFN, QSOP, TSSOP, and SO packages. RON = 100 typ Over Temperature This low-voltage multiplexer operates with a +1.8V to tON = 51ns typ +5.5V single supply. All digital inputs have +0.8V and tOFF = 13ns typ +2.4V logic thresholds, ensuring TTL/CMOS-logic com- Guaranteed Low Leakage Currents patibility with +5V operation. 0.5nA max at +25°C ________________________Applications Single-Supply Operation from +1.8V to +5.5VRail-to-Rail Signal Handling 10/100 Base-T TTL/CMOS-Logic Compatible ATM Switching Crosstalk: -114dB (1MHz) Audio and Video Signal Routing Off-Isolation: -67dB (1MHz) Low-Voltage Data-Acquisition Systems 4mm 4mm QFN Package Communications Circuits Ordering Information Relay Replacement T EM P PIN - PK G PA R T R A N G E PA C K A G E C O D E M AX 4674E E E - 40°C to + 85° C 16 QS OP E

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