Part # LM4546B datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM4546B AC 97 Rev 2 Multi-Channel Audio Codec with Sample Rate Conversion and National 3D Sound

Part Details:

3D LM4546B September 2006 Sound LM4546B AC AC 97 Rev 2 Multi-Channel Audio Codec with Sample 97 Rate Conversion and National 3D Sound Rev General Description Key Specifications The LM4546B is an audio codec for PC systems which is n Analog Mixer Dynamic Range 97 dB (typ) 2 fully PC99 compliant and performs the analog intensive n DAC Dynamic Range 89 dB (typ) functions of the AC 97 Rev 2.1 architecture. Using 18-bit Multi-Channel n ADC Dynamic Range 90 dB (typ) Sigma-Delta ADCs and DACs, the LM4546B provides 90 dBof Dynamic Range. Features The LM4546B was designed specifically to provide a high n AC 97 Rev 2.1 compliant quality audio path and provide all analog functionality in a PC n High quality Sample Rate Conversion from 4 kHz to 48 audio system. It features full duplex stereo ADCs and DACs kHz in 1 Hz increments and analog mixers with access to 2 stereo and 2 monoinputs. Each mixer input has separate gain, attenuation and n Multiple codec support mute control and the mixers drive 1 mono and 1 stereo n National s 3D Sound stereo enhancement circuitry output, each with attenuation and mute control. The n Advanced power management support LM4546B supports National s 3D Sound stereo enhance- Audio n Digital 3.3V and 5V supply options ment and a comprehensive sample rate conversion capabil- n Extended Temperature: -40°C T 85°C A ity. The sample rate for the ADCs and DACs can be pro-grammed separately with a resolution of 1 Hz to convert any Applications rate in the range 4 kHz ­ 48 kHz. Sample timing from the Codec ADCs and sample request timing for the DACs are com- n Desktop PC audio systems on PCI cards, AMR cards, or pletely deterministic to ease task scheduling and application with motherboard chips sets featuring AC Link software development. These features together with an ex- n Portable PC systems as on MDC cards, or with a tended temperature range also make the LM4546B suitable chipset or accelerator featuring AC Link

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