Part # MAX9928-MAX9929 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX9928 DS

Part Details:

19-4251; Rev 0; 8/08 -0.1V to +28V Input Range, Micropower, Uni-/Bidirectional, Current-Sense Amplifiers MAX9928/MAX9929 General Description Features The MAX9928/MAX9929 low-cost, uni-/bidirectional, Wide -0.1V to +28V Common-Mode Range, high-side, current-sense amplifiers are ideal for moni- Independent of Supply Voltage toring battery charge and discharge currents in note- 2.5V to 5.5V Operating Supply Voltage books, cell phones, and other portable equipment. 20µA Quiescent Supply Current These devices feature a wide -0.1V to +28V input com- mon-mode voltage range, low 20µA supply current with 0.4mV (max) Input Offset Voltage VOS less than 0.4mV, and a gain accuracy better than Gain Accuracy Better than 1% (max) 1.0%. The input common-mode range is independent SIGN Output Indicates Current Polarity of the supply voltage, ensuring that the current-sense Two IOUT Transconductance Versions Available information remains accurate even when the measure- 2µA/mV (MAX9928T) ment rail is shorted to ground. 5µA/mV (MAX9928F) The MAX9928F/MAX9928T feature a current output with Two VOUT Gain Versions Available transconductance ratios of 5µA/mV and 2µA/mV, respec- 20V/V (MAX9929T) tively. An external resistor converts the output current to a 50V/V (MAX9929F) voltage, allowing adjustable gain so that the input sense Pin Compatible with the MAX4372 in UCSP voltage can be matched to the maximum ADC input Available in Ultra-Small 3x2 UCSP swing. The MAX9929F/MAX9929T have a voltage output (1mm x 1.5mm) and 8-Pin µMAX Packages and integrate a 10k output resistor for fixed voltagegains of 50V/V and 20V/V, respectively. Applications A digital SIGN output indicates direction of current flow, Monitoring Charge/Discharge Currents in so the user can utilize the full ADC input range for mea- Portable/Battery-Powered Systems suring both charging and discharging currents. The MAX9928/MAX9929 are fully specified over the -40°C Notebook Computers to +125°C automotive temperature range, and available General-System/Board-Level Current Monitoring in 6-bump UCSPTM (1mm x 1.5mm) and 8-pin µMAX® Smart-Battery Packs/Chargers packages. The UCSP package is bump-to-bump com-patible with the MAX4372_EBT. Precision Current Sources

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