Part # LM4871 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM4871 Boomer ® Audio Power Amplifier Series 3W Audio Power Amplifier with Shutdown Mode

Part Details:

LM4871 January 2003 3W LM4871 Audio 3W Audio Power Amplifier with Shutdown ModeGeneral Description Key Specifications The LM4871 is a mono bridged audio power amplifier ca- n PO at 10% THD+N, 1kHz Power pable of delivering 3W of continuous average power into a n LM4871LD: 3 , 4 loads 3W (typ), 2.5W (typ) 3 load with less than 10% THD when powered by a 5V n All other LM4871 packages: 8 load 1.5W (typ) power supply (Note 1). To conserve power in portable appli- n Shutdown current 0.6µA (typ) cations, the LM4871 s micropower shutdown mode (I = Q n Supply voltage range 2.0V to 5.5V 0.6µA, typ) is activated when V is applied to the SHUT- DD Amplifier n THD at 1kHz at 1W continuous average output power DOWN pin. into 8 0.5% (max) Boomer audio power amplifiers are designed specifically toprovide high power, high fidelity audio output. They require Features few external components and operate on low supply volt-ages from 2.0V to 5.5V. Since the LM4871 does not require n No output coupling capacitors, bootstrap capacitors, or output coupling capacitors, bootstrap capacitors, or snubber snubber circuits required networks, it is ideally suited for low-power portable systems n Unity-gain stable with that require minimum volume and weight. n LLP, MSOP, SO, or DIP packaging Additional LM4871 features include thermal shutdown pro- n External gain configuration capability tection, unity-gain stability, and external gain set. n Pin compatible with the LM4861 Shutdown Note 1: An LM4871LD that has been properly mounted to a circuit board willdeliver 3W into 3 (at 10% THD). The other package options for the LM4871 Applications will deliver 1.5W into 8 (at 10% THD). See the Application Informationsections for further information concerning the LM4871LD, LM4871MM, n Portable computers LM4871M, and the LM4871N.

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