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Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD7729 data sheet

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a Dual Sigma-Delta ADC with Auxiliary DAC AD7729 FEATURES GENERAL DESCRIPTION +3 V Supply Voltage This monolithic 3 V CMOS device is a low power, two-channel, Baseband Serial Port (BSPORT) input port with signal conditioning. The receive path is com- Differential IRx and QRx posed of two high performance sigma-delta ADCs with digital ADC Channels filtering. A common bandgap reference feeds the ADCs. Two 15-Bit Sigma-Delta A/D ConvertersFIR Digital Filters A control DAC is included for such functions as AFC. The auxil- 64 dB SNR iary functions can be accessed via the auxiliary port (ASPORT). Output Word Rate 270.83 kHz This device is available in a 28-lead TSSOP package or a Twos Complement Coding 28-lead SOIC package. On-Chip Offset CalibrationPower-Down Mode Auxiliary D/A ConverterAuxiliary Serial Port (ASPORT)On-Chip Voltage ReferenceLow Power28-Lead TSSOP/28-Lead SOIC APPLICATIONSGSM BasestationsPagers FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM DVDD2 DVDD1 DGND AGND AVDD1 AVDD2 ASDI ASDIFS 10-BIT AUXDAC AUXDAC ASCLK AUXILIARY SERIAL ASDO INTERFACE ASDOFS ASE BSDI DECIMATION IRxP OFFSET FIR DIGITAL ADJUST MODULATOR BSDIFS FILTER IRxN BSCLK BASEBAND

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