Part # MAX6365-MAX6368P datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX6365 8 DS

Part Details:

19-1658; Rev 3; 12/05 SOT23, Low-Power µP Supervisory Circuits with Battery Backup and Chip-Enable Gating MAX6365­MAX6368 General Description Features The MAX6365­MAX6368 supervisory circuits simplify Low +1.2V Operating Supply Voltage (VCC or VBATT) power-supply monitoring, battery-backup control func- Precision Monitoring of +5.0V, +3.3V, +3.0V, and tions, and memory write protection in microprocessor +2.5V Power-Supply Voltages (µP) systems. The circuits significantly improve the size,accuracy, and reliability of modern systems with an ultra- On-Board Gating of Chip-Enable Signals, 1.5ns small integrated solution. Propagation Delay Debounced Manual Reset Input (MAX6365) These devices perform four basic system functions: Watchdog Timer, 1.6s Timeout (MAX6366) 1) Provide a µP reset output during VCC supply power- up, power-down, and brownout conditions. Battery-On Output Indicator (MAX6367) Auxiliary User-Adjustable RESET IN (MAX6368) 2) Internally control VCC to backup-battery switching to maintain data or low-power operation for CMOS Low 10µA Quiescent Supply Current RAM, CMOS µPs, real-time clocks, and other digital Three Available Output Structures logic when the main supply fails. Push-Pull RESET 3) Provide memory write protection through internal Open-Drain RESET chip-enable gating during supply or processor faults. Open-Drain RESET 4) Include one of the following options: a manual reset RESET/RESET Valid Down to 1.2V Guaranteed input (MAX6365), a watchdog timer function (VCC or VBATT) (MAX6366), a battery-on output (MAX6367), or an Power-Supply Transient Immunity auxiliary user-adjustable reset input (MAX6368). 150ms min Reset Timeout Period The MAX6365­MAX6368 operate from VCC supply volt- Miniature 8-Pin SOT23 Package ages as low as 1.2V. The factory preset reset thresholdvoltages range from 2.32V to 4.63V (see the Ordering Ordering Information Information). In addition, each part is offered in threereset output versions: push-pull active low, open-drain PIN- PART* TEMP RANGE active low, or open-drain active high (see the Selector PACKAGE Guide). The MAX6365­MAX6368 are available in minia- M A X6 3 6 5 LK A_ _-T

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