Part # AD5384 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD5384 40-Channel 3 V/5 V Single-Supply Serial 14-Bit Voltage Output DAC Data Sheet (REV. A)

Part Details:

40-Channel, 3 V/5 V, Single-Supply, Serial, 14-Bit Voltage Output DAC AD5384 FEATURES INTEGRATED FUNCTIONS Guaranteed monotonic Channel monitor INL error: ±4 LSB max Simultaneous output update via LDAC On-chip 1.25 V/2.5 V, 10 ppm/°C reference Clear function to user-programmable code Temperature range: ­40°C to +85°C Amplifier boost mode to optimize slew rate Rail-to-rail output amplifier User-programmable offset and gain adjust Power-down Toggle mode enables square wave generation Package type: 100-lead CSPBGA (10 mm × 10 mm) Thermal monitor User Interfaces: APPLICATIONS Serial (SPI-®/QSPI-TM/MICROWIRE-TM/DSP-compatible, featuring data readback) Variable optical attenuators (VOA) I2C-®compatible Level setting (ATE) Optical micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) Control systems Instrumentation FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM DVDD (×3) DGND (×4) AVDD (×5) AGND (×5) DAC GND (×5) REFGND REFOUT/REFIN SIGNAL GND (×5) PD AD5384 1.25V/2.5V SYNC/AD 0 REFERENCE DCEN/AD 1 14 INPUT 14 14 DAC 14 DAC 0 REG 0 REG 0 VOUT0 14 m REG 0 SDO 14

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AD5384.pdf Datasheet