Part # User Manual STICE CB-STICE UM0406 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: STice advanced emulation system for ST microcontrollers

Part Details:

UM0406 User manual STice advanced emulation system for ST microcontrollers Introduction Thank you for choosing STMicroelectronics for your microcontroller application. STice is the advanced in-circuit emulation system from STMicroelectronics. Its advanced debugging features in emulation configuration are complemented by an additional in-circuit programming/debugging configuration, code coverage and profiling, extensive trace capabilities and configurable advanced breakpoints, to make it the ideal tool for start-to-finish support of microcontroller application development. STice is a modular emulation system made up of a main emulation board (MEB) that provides interface and emulation resources common to all emulated MCU families and a target emulation board (TEB) that provides the emulation resources for a specific family of microcontrollers. It may also include a peripheral emulation board (PEB) that provides emulation resources specific to an emulated peripheral for a microcontroller family. STice includes all the emulation boards that you need to emulate in real time any microcontroller in a given family, while the systems modularity provides unprecedented capability to adapt STice to emulate new microcontroller families. Device summary Part number Contents STICE STice emulation system CB-STICE(1) AD-ICD/ICP Adapter kit for ICD/ICP CB-AD-ICD/ICP CF/FPxxx 60- or 120-pin connection flex CB-CF/FPxxx AD/xxxxxx-xxx Connection adapter CB-AD/xxxxx-xxx AS/xxxxxxx Adapter socket or connector CB-AS/xxxxxx 1. Part numbers with the CB prefix identify parts eligible for automotive use. March 2008 Rev 1 1/29 UM0406 Figure 1. STice in emulation configuration Free ST toolset STVD and STVP running on your PC drive STice 1. STICE includes all emulation resources, 1 MEB, TEB, and PEB 2. CF/FPxxx Connection flex to connect to 2 application board 3. AD/xxxxxx-xxx Connection adapter to adapt 3 connection cable to MCU 4 4. AS/xxxxxxx Adapter socket on application board to plug in emulator in place of MCU In emulation configuration, STice connects to your PC through a USB interface, and to your application board in place of your target microcontroller using:

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