Part # 2N7002MTF datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: 2N7002MTF N-Channel Small Signal MOSF

Part Details:

N-Channel Small Signal MOSFET 2N7002MTF FEATURES BVDSS = 60 V ! Lower RDS(on) RDS(on) = 5.0 ! Improved Inductive Ruggedness! Fast Switching Times ID = 200 mA ! Lower Input Capacitance! Extended Safe Operating Area SOT-23 ! Improved High Temperature Reliability Product Summary 1.Gate 2. Source 3. Drain Part Number BVDSS RDS(on) ID 2N7002 60V 5.0 115mA Absolute Maximum Ratings Symbol Characteristic Value Units V Drain-to-Source Voltage 60 DSS V Continuous Drain Current (T 115 C=25) I mA D Continuous Drain Current (T 73 C=100) IDM Drain Current-Pulsed 800 mA VGS Gate-to-Source Voltage ±20 V Total Power Dissipation (T 0.2 C=25) W PD Linear Derating Factor 1.6 mW/ Operating Junction and T

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2N7002MTF.pdf Datasheet