Part # AD9245 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD9245 14-Bit 20 MSPS/40 MSPS/65 MSPS/80 MSPS 3 V A/D Converter Data Sheet (Rev. D)

Part Details:

14-Bit, 20 MSPS/40 MSPS/65 MSPS/80 MSPS, 3 V A/D Converter AD9245 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM Single 3 V supply operation (2.7 V to 3.6 V) AVDD DRVDD SNR = 72.7 dBc to Nyquist AD9245 SFDR = 83.0 dBc to Nyquist VIN+ Low power 8-STAGE SHA MDAC1 A/D VIN­ 1 1/2-BIT PIPELINE 366 mW at 80 MSPS 4 16 3 300 mW at 65 MSPS REFT A/D 165 mW at 40 MSPS REFB 90 mW at 20 MSPS CORRECTION LOGIC OTR Differential input with 500 MHz bandwidth 14 On-chip reference and sample-and-hold OUTPUT BUFFERS DNL = ±0.5 LSB D13 (MSB) VREF Flexible analog input: 1 V p-p to 2 V p-p range D0 (LSB) Offset binary or twos complement data format SENSE 0.5V CLOCK MODE DUTY CYCLE Clock duty-cycle stabilizer REF SELECT STABILIZER SELECT APPLICATIONS 03583-001

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AD9245.pdf Datasheet