Part # ADG706 AD707 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: ADG706/ADG707 CMOS 2.5 Ohm Low Voltage 16 Channel Multiplexer Data Sheet (Rev. A)

Part Details:

a CMOS, +1.8 V to +5.5 V/ 2.5 V, 2.5 Low-Voltage, 8-/16-Channel Multiplexers ADG706/ADG707 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAMS +1.8 V to +5.5 V Single Supply 2.5 V Dual Supply ADG706 ADG707 2.5 ON Resistance0.5 ON Resistance Flatness S1 S1A 100 pA Leakage Currents DA S8A 40 ns Switching TimesSingle 16-to-1 Multiplexer ADG706 D Differential 8-to-1 Multiplexer ADG707 S1B 28-Lead TSSOP Package DB Low-Power Consumption S16 S8B TTL/CMOS-Compatible Inputs 1-OF-16 1-OF-8 APPLICATIONS DECODER DECODER Data Acquisition SystemsCommunication Systems A0 A1 A2 A3 EN A0 A1 A2 EN Relay ReplacementAudio and Video SwitchingBattery-Powered Systems GENERAL DESCRIPTION PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS The ADG706 and ADG707 are low-voltage, CMOS analog 1. Single-/dual-supply operation. The ADG706 and ADG707 are multiplexers comprising 16 single channels and eight differential fully specified and guaranteed with 3 V and 5 V single-supply channels, respectively. The ADG706 switches one of 16 inputs and ± 2.5 V dual-supply rails. (S1­S16) to a common output, D, as determined by the 4-bit 2. Low ON resistance (2.5 typical) binary address lines A0, A1, A2, and A3. The ADG707 switchesone of eight differential inputs to a common differential output as 3. Low-power consumption (<0.01 µW) determined by the 3-bit binary address lines A0, A1, and A2. 4. Guaranteed break-before-make switching action An EN input on both devices is used to enable or disable the 5. Small 28-lead TSSOP package device. When disabled, all channels are switched OFF. Low-power consumption and operating supply range of 1.8 V to5.5 V make the ADG706 and ADG707 ideal for battery-powered,portable instruments. All channels exhibit break-before-makeswitching action preventing momentary shorting when switch-ing channels. These devices are also designed to operate from adual supply of ± 2.5 V.

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