Part # LM6313 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM6313 High Speed, High Power Operational Amplifier

Part Details:

LM6313 February 1995 High LM6313 High SpeedHigh Power Operational Amplifier Speed General Description Features The LM6313 is a high-speed high-power operational ampli- Y High slew rate 250 V ms fier This operational amplifier features a 35 MHz small sig- Y Wide bandwidth 35 MHz nal bandwidth and 250 V ms slew rate A compensation pin Y High Peak output current g 300 mA is included for adjusting the open loop bandwidth The input Y Input and output stages pinned out separately stage (A1) and output stage (A2) are pinned out separately Y Single or dual supply operation and can be used independently The operational amplifier is Y Thermal protection Power designed for low impedance loads and will deliver Y Error flag warns of faults g 300 mA The LM6313 has both overcurrent and thermal Y shutdown protection with an error flag to signal both these Wide supply voltage range g 5V to g15V fault conditions Applications These amplifiers are built with National s VIPTM (Vertically Y Operational Integrated PNP) process which provides fast PNP transis- High speed ATE pin driver tors that are true complements to the already fast NPN de- Y Data acquisition vices This advanced junction-isolated process delivers high Y Driving capacitive loads speed performance without the need for complex and ex- Y Flash A-D input driver pensive dielectric isolation

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LM6313.pdf Datasheet