Part # TDA7449L datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Low cost digitally controlled audio processor

Part Details:

TDA7449L LOW COST DIGITALLY CONTROLLED AUDIO PROCESSOR 1 FEATURES Figure 1. Package INPUT MULTIPLEXER ­ 2 STEREO INPUTS ­ SELECTABLE INPUT GAIN FOR OPTIMAL DIP20 ADAPTATION TO DIFFERENT SOURCES ONE STEREO OUTPUT Table 1. Order Codes VOLUME CONTROL IN 1.0dB STEPS Part Number Package TWO SPEAKER ATTENUATORS: TDA7449L DIP20 ­ TWO INDEPENDENT SPEAKER CONTROL IN 1.0dB STEPS FOR BALANCE FACILITY ­ INDEPENDENT MUTE FUNCTION Selectable input gain is provided. Control of all thefunctions is accomplished by serial bus. ALL FUNCTION ARE PROGRAMMABLE VIA The AC signal setting is obtained by resistor net- SERIAL BUS works and switches combined with operationalamplifiers. 2 DESCRIPTION Thanks to the used BIPOLAR/CMOS Technology, The TDA7449L is a volume control and balance Low Distortion, Low Noise and DC stepping are (Left/Right) processor for quality audio applica- obtained. tions in TV systems. Figure 2. Block Diagram MUXOUTL 10 8 L-IN1 100K 9 L-IN2 SPKR ATT 5 G VOLUME LOUT LEFT 100K 19 0/30dB SCL 7 2dB STEP

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TDA7449L.pdf Datasheet