Part # AD8382 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD8382 High Performance 12-Bit 6-Channel Output Decimating LCD DecDriver Data Sheet (Rev. 0)

Part Details:

High Performance 12-Bit, 6-Channel Output, Decimating LCD DecDriver® AD8382 PRODUCT FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM High accuracy, high resolution voltage outputs 12-bit input resolution Laser trimmed outputs Fast settling, high voltage drive 12 12 12 12 DB(0:11) 2-STAGE DAC VID0 LATCH 33 ns settling time to 0.25% into 200 pF load Slew rate 390 V/µs AD8382 12 2-STAGE 12 DAC VID1 LATCH Outputs to within 1.3 V of supply High update rates 12 2-STAGE 12 DAC VID2 LATCH Fast, 120 Ms/s data update rate STBY BIAS BYP Voltage controlled video reference (brightness) and 12 2-STAGE 12 DAC VID3 full-scale (contrast) output levels LATCH Flexible logic 12 2-STAGE 12 DAC VID4 STSQ/XFR allow parallel AD8382 operation R/L LATCH E/O INV bit reverses polarity of video signal 12 2-STAGE 12 DAC VID5

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AD8382.pdf Datasheet