Part # Data Brief uPSD3422E uPSD3422EV uPSD3433E uPSD3433EV uPSD3434E uPSD3434EV datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Turbo plus series fast turbo 8032 MCU with USB and programmable logic

Part Details:

uPSD34xx Turbo Plus Series Fast Turbo 8032 MCU with USB and Programmable Logic DATA BRIEFING FEATURES SUMMARY FAST 8-BIT TURBO 8032 MCU, 40MHz Figure 1. Packages ­ Advanced core, 4-clocks per instruction ­ 10 MIPs peak performance at 40MHz (5V) ­ JTAG Debug and In-System Programming ­ 16-bit internal instruction path fetches double-byte instruction in a single memory TQFP52 (T), 52-lead, Thin, Quad, Flat cycle ­ Branch Cache & 4 instruction Prefetch Queue ­ Dual XDATA pointers with automatic increment and decrement ­ Compatible with 3rd party 8051 tools DUAL FLASH MEMORIES WITH MEMORY MANAGEMENT­ Place either memory into 8032 program address space or data address space TQFP80 (U), 80-lead, Thin, Quad, Flat ­ READ-while-WRITE operation for In-Application Programming and EEPROM COMMUNICATION INTERFACES emulation ­ USB v2.0 Full Speed (12Mbps) ­ Single voltage program and erase 10 endpoint pairs (In/Out), each endpoint ­ 100K guaranteed erase cycles, 15-year with 64-byte FIFO (supports Control, Intr, retention and Bulk transfer types) CLOCK, RESET, AND POWER SUPPLY ­ I2C Master/Slave controller, 833kHz MANAGEMENT ­ SPI Master controller, 1MHz ­ SRAM is Battery Backup capable ­ Two UARTs with independent baud rate ­ Flexible 8-level CPU clock divider register

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Data Brief uPSD3422E uPSD3422EV uPSD3433E uPSD3433EV uPSD3434E uPSD3434EV.pdf Datasheet