Part # 74LS259 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: DM54LS259 DM74LS259 8-Bit Addressable Latches

Part Details:

DM54LS259DM74LS259 May 1992 DM54LS259 DM74LS259 8-Bit Addressable Latches General Description Features These 8-bit addressable latches are designed for general Y 8-Bit parallel-out storage register performs serial-to-par- purpose storage applications in digital systems Specific allel conversion with storage uses include working registers serial-holding registers and Y Asynchronous parallel clear active-high decoders or demultiplexers They are multifunc- Y Active high decoder tional devices capable of storing single-line data in eight Y Enable disable input simplifies expansion addressable latches and being a 1-of-8 decoder or demulti- Y Direct replacement for Fairchild 9334 plexer with active-high outputs Y Expandable for N-bit applications 8-Bit Four distinct modes of operation are selectable by control- Y Four distinct functional modes ling the clear and enable inputs as enumerated in the func- Y Typical propagation delay times tion table In the addressable-latch mode data at the data- Enable-to-output 18 ns in terminal is written into the addressed latch The ad- Data-to-output 16 ns Addressable dressed latch will follow the data input with all unaddressed Address-to-output 21 ns latches remaining in their previous states In the memory Clear-to-output 17 ns mode all latches remain in their previous states and are Y Fan-out unaffected by the data or address inputs To eliminate the I possibility of entering erroneous data in the latches the en- OL (sink current) 54LS259 4 mA able should be held high (inactive) while the address lines 74LS259 8 mA are changing In the 1-of-8 decoding or demultiplexing I mode the addressed output will follow the level of the D OH (source current) b0 4 mA

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